Joe Grusinsky
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Joe Grusinsky

We Own the Night

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About Him

Overview... police captain in the NYPD. Joseph is a family man. He followed in the footsteps of his father, an NYPD deputy chief, and he lives a calm life at home with his wife. But when a case regarding a big drug dealer leads him into his estranged brother’s nightclub, Joseph is forced to put justice ahead of family, getting into a huge fight with his brother Bobby and causing their relationship to become even worse.

Personality… by-the-book and responsible, a man of duty. Joseph appears to be extremely brave, facing death every day in the line of duty. But when his life is actually threatened, the trauma sends Joseph into a state of frightened paralysis. He continues to head his investigation, but will he be able to serve to the best of his ability with his post-traumatic stress at its worst?

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