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Grew Up… wealthy and privileged. After his mother left, he was raised by a string of nannies, a few of whom his father married. Due to his unconventional family, he has an 11-year-old aunt and a 4-year old brother.

Living… in a luxurious high-rise apartment in Manhattan. He lives with his girlfriend, a successful editor named Patricia, and his dog, a friendly golden retriever named Brinkley.  

Profession… executive at Fox Books, a chain of book superstores. Joe’s family founded the corporation and he runs it with cool confidence. Most recently, he has opened a massive new location on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, located near an independent bookstore run by the pesky (but charming) Kathleen Kelly.

Interests… his family, New York City, and a good conversation. He loves to spend time with his “aunt” and brother, either on his boat or on the streets of the Big Apple. Most recently, Joe has been emailing online a lot under the AOL alias NY152. He chats daily with a stranger named Shopgirl, and he’s been thinking about asking her to meet him in person...

Relationship Status… living with his power-suit-wearing girlfriend. Patricia is a book editor who talks a mile a minute, and Joe is sometimes frustrated by her constant drive for success. From time to time he thinks she’s being selfish—but sometimes being selfish is just good business, right?

Challenge… winning over Kathleen Kelly. She’s been stirring up a storm of media protests against Fox Books, and their relationship has gone from cordial to sour. Meanwhile, he’s been wondering whether he’s found the love of his life online, which is a brand-new thing at the time. He’s made a real connection with Shopgirl, but he hasn’t even seen her face!

Personality… quick-witted, easygoing, and practical. Joe is a fun person to hang out with – if you’re not in a public business rivalry with him, at least. Kathleen may think that Joe is mean-spirited and rude, but he can be funny and sweet too. At his heart, he’s a good guy who’s just playing the hand he’s been dealt.  

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