Joe Buck
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Joe Buck

Midnight Cowboy

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About Him

Grew Up... in Texas. Since he's from there and has a thick accent, people always assume he is a cowboy. But he's not. Though as he points out, he's "one hellova stud."

Living... in New York City as of a few weeks ago. He was living in room 1014 of a hotel. He only has $224 to his name, so he couldn't afford much of a place. There was a bed and dresser, but it has a coin-operated TV. Only problem is that they locked him out of his room until he pays his bill.

Profession... gigolo. He's not the brightest guy, so he didn't have many other options. As he explains, "Women go crazy for me. So if I don't cash in on that, what am I? ... May as well flush me down that hole with the dishwater."

Interests... hanging out with his new friend Ratso. Manhattan is not the friendliest place, so he’s the only friend he has made so far. Ratso is showing Joe the ropes. Ratso is also letting him stay at his place until he can get back on his feet. Joe has slept on subways more comfortable than the bed there, but it will do for now.

Relationship Status... single – much to his disappointment. He's been desperately trying to find a rich woman to take care of him. He thought Cass had potential, especially since she is gorgeous, has a penthouse apartment, and more diamonds than the archbishop. But Cass didn't work out. Instead of getting money from her, he ended up giving her $20 for taxi money.

Challenge... making it in the Big Apple. He hasn’t had much luck so far, and Ratso says he is using the wrong approach – that the dumb cowboy crap doesn't appeal to anybody except every jockey on 42nd Street. Ratso says Miami Beach is the only place for a real hustler like him with more rich women per square yard than any resort spot in the world. He and Ratso are trying to save up enough money to go there.

Personality... naïve and attractive. Some people may think he's dumb, but his innocence is also very charming. He's a good friend who tries to stay positive despite the obstacles in his way.

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