Joe Blake

Joe Blake

    The Man in the High Castle

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in Nazi-occupied New York City. After the Nazis and the Japanese won World War II, they split the rule of the United States in half with the Japanese occupying the western Japanese Pacific states and the Nazis occupying the eastern part of the United States. 

Profession... transporter. He has recently come in contact with members of the resistance and has been tasked to transport a mysterious film across the country. Being a transporter is only a cover, though. The truth is he is a Nazi spy. 

Relationship status... involved with Juliana Craine. His orders conflict with the best interests of Juliana, and he doesn’t want any harm to come to her.

Challenge... struggling to deal with his secret duties as a Nazi spy. His morals often conflict with what he is being ordered to do by his commanding officer, Oberst-Gruppenführer John Smith. 

Personality... strong, sly, and empathetic. Joe is strong-minded and seems to let nothing get in the way of his mission. He shows empathy for people and the tough situations they endure. 


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