Jody Sawyer
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Jody Sawyer

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Overview… a ballet dancer who finally has the opportunity of a lifetime. Though Jody is somewhat unsure of her talents, she hopes to land a coveted spot in the American Ballet Company. Alas there are only three spots, and 12 students who are all desperate for the opportunity. When Jody meets the talented dancer-turned-choreographer Cooper Nielson, she is immediately infatuated with his bad-boy attitude but is wary of his reputation. She finds herself torn: Should she take the traditional path she’s always dreamed of and join the American Ballet Company, or take a risk and join a nascent ballet company run by Cooper Nielson?

Personality… caring and modest. Jody doesn’t realize just how talented of a dancer she is. When she gains attention at the Academy, she unsurprisingly attracts a lot of criticism from envious classmates. Nevertheless, Jody is kind to her peers and works hard to better herself. Some of her fellow students crack under the pressure to be thin and impossibly graceful, but Jody’s passion for ballet helps her overlook her flaws, even in such a high-stress environment. 

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