Joanne Jefferson
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Joanne Jefferson


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Overview... a radical Ivy League-educated lawyer. Joanne’s parents are powerful and politically respected, and while she’s similarly been successful in her career, she’s taken a very different path than they expected. Rather than work at a high-powered law firm, she’s dedicated her life to public-interest work. Although she’s far more conservative than her bohemian friends and her avant-garde girlfriend Maureen, Joanne shocks her parents by donning Doc Martens and refusing to wear a bra.

Personality... competent, organized, dedicated, and a bit of a control freak. According to Joanne she loves “margins and discipline” and she “makes lists in her sleep.” She’s happiest when she has control – which happens frequently in her professional life but less often in her personal one. She believes in the revolution her bohemian friends are fighting for, but she prefers to fight her battles in the legal world, not socially.

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