Joanna Hoffman
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Joanna Hoffman

Steve Jobs

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About Her

Overview... Apple marketing executive and Steve Jobs’ closest colleague at the company. She works closely with Jobs on his presentations to shareholders announcing new pieces of hardware. She follows him to NeXT after he leaves Apple and back to Apple when he returns. Joanna is one of the few people around him who can challenge, question and criticize him. He listens because she’s usually right.

Personality... rational, logical, and clear-headed. Jobs often has his head in the clouds, envisioning his place in American history. Joanna takes care of the day-to-day for him. And when she sees his family life is in shambles, she more or less orders him to get his relationships back on track. Especially his relationship with his daughter. Though Steve has the big ideas, she’s the one who makes them happen, and is instrumental in Apple’s resurgence in the late 1990s.

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