Joan Wilder
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Joan Wilder

Romancing the Stone

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About Her

Living… alone in her New York apartment with her cat, Romeo, and travel-sized alcohol bottles. Joan is wound a little tight, and might be slightly afraid of life in general. At least she has her cat, right?

Profession… successful romance novelist. She has clearly spent too much time writing the adventures of her characters rather than living her own.

Interests… getting her sister Elaine back from Colombia. Elaine’s husband was murdered, and now Elaine has been taken hostage by two treasure hunters, Ralph and Ira. And they are apparently coming after Joan as well; Joan came home to find her apartment ransacked. They are after a treasure map that Joan received in the mail from Elaine’s late husband. With life and death on the line, can she rescue her sister in time, using the map as ransom?

Relationship Status… single, but that might be changing now that she is in Colombia. After Joan is nearly attacked by a corrupt police officer, she's rescued by the dashing soldier of fortune, Jack Colton. He might be just the kind of man she’s been looking for.

Challenge… finding her captured sister, which won’t be easy. A fish out of water in the jungle, Joan has to navigate through deep ravines and dangerous waters filled with crocodiles while she is being chased by criminals who want her dead. Thankfully, she has others on her side. Not only does she have Jack, but she also has another unexpected ally with a lot of connections who has promised to help her – a drug lord named Juan, who happens to be a big fan of Joan's novels.

Personality… smart and witty but a bit prissy. Meek and timid at first, she comes out of her shell along her journey through the jungles of Columbia. When tested, she realizes that she is stronger and braver than she thought she was. 

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