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Joan Watson


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Living... in NYC. Life in the city is about to get a lot more exciting for Joan Watson now that she’s residing with an eccentric consultant detective. In addition to typical roommate activities, e.g. watching Mets games, eating takeout, etc., Joan also gets roped into Sherlock Holmes’ investigations, solving homicides, kidnappings, and other dangerous crimes.

Profession... a sober companion. Watson’s new charge is an arrogant, hyper-intelligent man-child who once broke out of rehab. She certainly has her hands full taking care of Sherlock Holmes.

Interests... detective work. Watson may seem conventional on the outside, but Sherlock knows better. Her appreciation “for all that is bizarre and outside the humdrum routine of ordinary life” makes it difficult to resist Holmes’ cases.

Relationship Status... single. Watson has had her fair share of unsuccessful relationships and her love life isn’t about to improve anytime soon. Detective work makes her suspicious and she’s become more wary than ever of anybody who tries to romance her.

Challenge... keeping Holmes on the straight and narrow. Being his sober companion is no picnic. He’s reticent, uncooperative, and sometimes, just downright disrespectful, referring to Watson as “a glorified helper monkey.” Yet as prickly as he can be, there are signs they are becoming closer and that Holmes values her help and opinion.

Personality... intelligent, hardworking, and observant. Joan Watson has the makings of a great detective. She just doesn’t know it yet. 

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