Jo Wilson

Jo Wilson

    Grey's Anatomy
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... on her own. Jo’s mother abandoned her only two weeks after she was born. Jo was shuffled around multiple foster homes until she was sixteen and she began living out of her car. Other than one caring high school teacher, Jo had no support network and long ago learned that she’s can only rely herself.

Living... in Seattle, Washington where she moved after graduating top of her class from Princeton University and then Harvard Medical School. 

Profession... surgical intern at Seattle Grace Mercy West. Jo has an innate competitive side and she wants to be the best intern in her class. But the nitty-gritty of learning to be a surgeon is no easy task; Jo’s faced with life and death situations daily.

Interests... drinking beer and performing orthopedic surgery—although not at the same time.

Relationship Status... single. But like many of the interns at Seattle Grace, finding someone to date is almost as important as finding surgeries to perform. She quickly starts crushing on OBGYN resident Jason Myers a.k.a. Chest Peckwell. And after a rocky start, she also forms a close friendship with her mentor Alex Karev.

Challenge... learning to trust people. Jo isn’t used to having anyone to count on except herself and that makes it hard for her to let other people in. She once explained, “I had no parents. I lived in my car. So yes, I have trust issues. Comes with the territory.

Personality... independent, entitled, distrusting, and dedicated. Jo quickly earned the nickname “princess” because most people assume she had a cushy life thanks to her Ivy League education and “prissy” attitude. But she’s far tougher than she looks. Jo is determined, focused, and committed to becoming the best surgeon she can be. However, she isn’t always the best at keeping her emotions in check: she sometimes lashes out in anger when people disappoint her.


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