League of Legends

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in Zaun. Jinx was born in Zaun, a Valoran city-state known for its rampant industry, high levels of pollution, and self-centered inhabitants. Her exact origins are a bit of a mystery.

Living... in Piltover. Unlike Zaun, Piltover is a city-state known for its positive contributions to science and academia in Valoran. According to its highly educated citizens, it is the “City of Progress.”

Profession... criminal. Jinx is a common criminal, albeit a particularly trigger-happy one. There isn’t much motivation behind her crimes. She just likes to mess with Piltover because she thinks it is super stuck-up.

Interests... destruction. Jinx loves to tear things down and make mayhem. It keeps her from getting bored, and the more innocents that get hurt the better. As she says, “Rules are made to be broken, like buildings! Or people!”

Relationship Status... single. Seeing as she is constantly on the run from the law, Jinx is only worried about herself. 

Challenge... evading the authorities. A place as peaceful and enlightened as Piltover has no tolerance for a criminal like Jinx. So officers like Vi and Sheriff Caitlyn are always trying to bring her down. But for Jinx, toying with the police is just part of the fun.                                                 

Personality... manic, crazy, and violent. Even so, the most dangerous thing about Jinx is that she is clever enough to actually pull off her schemes, usually making the police look like fools in the process. 


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