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Living... with his wife, Sun, isolated from the other survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 on a remote island. Though a mysterious group known as “the Others” lurks in the jungle, Jin feels like an “other” in a different way – he does not speak English.

Profession... organized crime henchman in Korea, at least before the crash. Not surprisingly, the job was tough on his marriage. On the island, Jin becomes the resident fisherman, trading fish for supplies and using his unique skill to make tentative friends.

Interests… learning English to keep up with the other survivors, and helping Sawyer and Michael build a raft to sail away from their scary new life. Jin, like everyone else, is mainly focused on escaping in one piece. But, unlike most, he has a wife to consider as well.

Relationship Status... married to Sun. Though before the crash, their relationship was as rocky as the island’s cliffs. Jin and Sun were unable to conceive a child, which drove a wedge between them, and his dangerous job was extremely stressful. On the island, however, he is very protective of Sun. At first she chafes against what she (not unfairly) sees as controlling behavior. But if he can temper his concern with compassion, these stressful times could bring them closer.

Challenge... finding a role on the island as a member of the survivor camp, and holding onto Sun when it seems she may be interested in fellow survivor Michael. He does not want Sun exposing her shoulders, believing it to be immodest, and when Michael comes to her defense, he and Jin began a tense rivalry.

Personality... capable and determined, but sometimes too rigid. Though he can’t communicate verbally with the other survivors at first, his actions speak loud enough to make an impact. He’s skilled at fishing, fighting, and building their campsite. He loves Sun very much, but comes from a more conservative background than those around him. If he’s going to make it in this micro-society, he’ll have to see Sun as a partner and not as a possession. 

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