Jimmy Valmer

Jimmy Valmer

    South Park
Comedy Central

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in South Park. His parents are Ryan and Sarah Valmer, who believe that their son’s cerebral palsy disability is a punishment from God. As Jimmy says, "My mom says God had a plan for everyone. I guess I was Plan B."

Profession… student at South Park Elementary. Jimmy is also the editor of the school newspaper, and he isn’t afraid to call others out for their wrongdoings. With Timmy, Jimmy trains water bears for their upcoming science fair, which ends up as a huge success, with even the NFL wanting to take part. His vocabulary may sometimes get him into trouble with PC Principal, but Jimmy doesn’t back down. 

Interests… making people laugh. Jimmy aspires to become a comedian and often provides comedy relief for his schoolmates. One example of his jokes: "Why did the pigeon cross the road? Because it was having sex with the chicken."

Relationship Status… dating Nancy. Jimmy claims to have had sex with her one night after they both took ecstasy, but all we have is his word.

Challenge… dealing with his cerebral palsy. Jimmy is on crutches and is constantly made fun of by bullies, but he fights back with witty comebacks. 

Personality… amicable, rational, and a bit wacky. Jimmy can also be competitive, to the point that he might resort to cheating. Jimmy doesn’t take himself too seriously, and he cares about his friends.


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