Jimmy Serrano
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Jimmy Serrano

Midnight Run

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Overview… mafia kingpin. Jimmy used to run organized crime back in Chicago, though now he’s “graduated” to owning a Las Vegas casino, among other business interests. Unfortunately for Jimmy, an accountant for one of his front companies, Jonathan “The Duke” Mardukas, is on the lam after embezzling $15 million of Jimmy’s money. Worse yet, The Duke knows enough about Serrano’s businesses to potentially send Jimmy to jail if he ever testifies against him. So naturally, Jimmy intends to have The Duke killed. There’s just one problem – a pesky bounty hunter named Jack Walsh finds Mardukas first. Given the complicated history between Walsh and Jimmy, Jimmy’s week just got a whole lot worse.

Personality… confident, charming, and comically vulgar, but amoral. Jimmy is a sweetheart of a guy and terrifically entertaining – unless you happen to be standing in his way. In that case, he can be cold, ruthless, and violent. He likes to threaten colorful punishments like stabbing someone through the heart with a pencil. But the truth is, he’s entirely capable of following through.

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