Jimmy Neutron
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Jimmy Neutron

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

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About Him

Overview… a 12-year-old boy genius who is sick of his parents. His parents have scolded him for trying to launch a communications satellite, forbidden him from going to the opening of Retroland, and have basically destroyed all the fun in his life. If only parents didn’t exist. To Jimmy’s and his friends’ surprise, the wish comes true! But, after consuming too much junk food and making a huge flood of popcorn near the school, Jimmy starts missing the adults in his life. And that is when he discovers that it might not be so easy to get them back…

Personality... confident, brilliant, and a bit of a smart aleck. Jimmy’s giant brain allows him to dream up wonderful inventions and solve tough problems, but it also gets him into a lot of trouble. Jimmy’s latest communications satellite has been picked up by an alien race that has decided to kidnap Retroville’s adults as part of a sacrifice to its god. The good news? Jimmy is used to cleaning up his own messes and is already concocting a plan to get his parents back. The bad news? He might make another mess. 

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