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Jimmy Markum

Mystic River

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About Him

Grew Up... playing hockey with his friends Sean and Dave. One say Jimmy decided to write his name in wet concrete. Two men pull up in a car, claiming to be police officers, and abduct Dave. They end up being child molesters, and the three friends are never the same, even after Dave escapes the abduction.

Living… in Boston. Twenty-five years after the horrible incident, Jimmy is a small-time criminal who runs a neighborhood store as his day job, with a nineteen-year-old daughter and a loving wife.

Profession… business owner. Jimmy runs a convenience store. But most of his close friends still act like his goons whenever things heat up. Jimmy is a dangerous man with a dangerous past.

Interests… justice, his family, and keeping everyone safe. Jimmy has a strong sense of morality, even if it might be a little skewed due to his criminal leanings.

Relationship Status… married. Annabeth, his wife, is very supportive of him, even in his decisions to operate outside of the law. His family depends on him and he depends on them.

Challenge… keeping his family intact. His daughter Katie is planning to leave town with her boyfriend who Jimmy hates with a passion. However, one night Katie goes to a local bar, but she doesn’t come home.

Personality… grungy, tough, and dangerous. Jimmy is a “king,” meaning he pulls the strings around his corner of Boston. And when someone crosses a king, they get the royal “treatment.” Deep down though, Jimmy is a troubled man. He reminisces with Sean about the day Dave was abducted, saying, “I think all three of us got in that car.”

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