Jimmy Finnerty
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Jimmy Finnerty

Grounded for Life

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About Him

Grew Up… in Staten Island with his father, Sean; his mother, Claudia; his older sister, Lily; and his younger brother, Henry. Unfortunately, he also has the influence of his crazy uncle, Eddie, and his strict and scary grandfather, Walt. Out of all of the Finnerty children, Jimmy is certainly the strangest. He takes after his uncle Eddie a little too much.

Living… with his family in their house in Staten Island. Due to the fact that his parents are usually working, he’s looked after by either his mean older sister or his scary grandfather. Scary as in, makes-you-dig-giant-holes-in-the-backyard-for-no-apparent-reason scary. Regardless, Jimmy loves his grandfather and begrudgingly tolerates his sister.

Profession… student at St. Finnian, a Catholic school. Unlike his older sister, Jimmy really cares about his grades and does very well in school. He’s arguably the smartest person in the family, regardless of his age.

Interests… school, reading, trying new things, and making bold choices.

Relationship Status… single. Jimmy is far too young to date. A boy can dream though.

Challenge… getting his parents’ attention. Due to the fact that he is a sensible, responsible, and intelligent young man, his parents never seem to need to discipline him. Between his crazy younger brother and his neurotic older sister, his parents barely seem to notice him. Because his parents don’t seem to notice him that much, they often end up getting in the way of his bigger goals and his schoolwork, accidentally leaving him places and forgetting where he is when he has a big project due. He often confides in Eddie, given his parents' lack of sympathy for his choices and needs. 

Personality… calm, calculated, intelligent, deep. There is so much more to Jimmy than meets the eye. Sure, he enjoys the occasional normal adolescent pastime, but for the most part, Jimmy acts like an adult and clearly has an old soul.

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