Jimmy Cooper
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Jimmy Cooper

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About Him

Grew up… as a privileged resident of Newport Beach, Calif. Jimmy was known to be an eligible bachelor from a young age, and dated many high-profile women in his community, including his current neighbor Kirsten Cohen.

Living… a bit beyond his means. Jimmy certainly looks like he’s successful – he has a large house, a trophy wife and two beautiful daughters who adore him. Little does his family know that Jimmy’s been a bit worried about their bank balance for quite some time now.

Profession… financial advisor. Jimmy (supposedly) takes good care of his friends’ wealth. Much of Newport’s money sits in his hands. At least it did until Jimmy started losing some of it in bad investments, and then used questionable means to try to recoup his losses. Now the Feds want to talk to him. Not good.

Relationship Status… married to one of Newport’s most desirable women, Julie Cooper. Jimmy knows that Julie only cares about status and wealth, but he doesn’t seem to mind. Frankly, he cares about those things a lot, too. Sometimes, though, Julie can prove to be a bit too much for Jimmy to handle. As he once summed it up: “Nobody puts Julie Cooper in a corner.”

Challenge… earning back the money – and the trust – of his colleagues and friends in Newport. Jimmy needs to realize that he can’t get through life on charm alone. Even he knows that he needs to apologize and face the consequences for what he’s done to his community instead of running away from his problems.

Personality… fun and charming, but irresponsible. Jimmy says it best himself: “Are we old? Cause if I didn’t know better, I’d swear I was still 16.” Unfortunately, Jimmy often behaves like a teenager dressed up in an adult’s clothes.

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