Jimmy Chance
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Jimmy Chance

Raising Hope

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About Him

Grew Up… the son of goofy, clueless, but very in love teenage parents. He was raised in a working-class home by his parents, as well as his maternal great-grandmother, Maw Maw. As a teenager, he went through an intense goth phase.

Living… in the small town in which he was raised. Jimmy still lives with his parents and Maw Maw, though now he lives there with his newborn daughter, Hope. Shocked at suddenly becoming a dad after a one-night stand with a woman who turned out to be a serial killer, Jimmy needs all the help he can get. Still, his zany family doesn’t necessarily make for the best child-rearing household.

Profession… a store clerk at Howdy’s, the local grocery store. There, Jimmy is surrounded by a rag-tag group of town outcasts that make him feel unexpectedly normal by comparison. 

Relationship Status… pining after Sabrina Collins, one of Jimmy’s coworkers at Howdy’s. Sabrina is short, smart, and sarcastic, and she and Jimmy have an easygoing rapport with each other. Unfortunately, Sabrina has a wealthy, long-distance boyfriend who keeps her from looking at Jimmy in a romantic light.

Challenge… raising Hope better than his parents raised him. Though Jimmy loves his family, he knows that they were not the best parents, and so takes it upon himself to raise Hope the “correct” way. Jimmy is also concerned about the influence of Hope’s serial killer mother, Lucy, and is often on the lookout for any sociopathic tendencies in his young daughter. At least Lucy is in prison and not also crammed into the Chance household.

Personality… naïve, caring, and dim-witted. Jimmy is a sweet guy who optimistically assumes that everyone is as well-intentioned as he is. Now that he’s a father to Hope, Jimmy suddenly becomes much more aware of the world’s dangers. 

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