Jim "The Waco Kid"
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Jim "The Waco Kid"

Blazing Saddles

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About Him

Living… at the bottom of a whiskey bottle, although if you want to be more technical, you would say that he’s in the Rock Ridge jail. Jim’s a drifter who floats from place to place, and his latest antics got him locked up in Rock Ridge’s drunk tank just in time to meet the town's new sheriff, Bart.

Profession… washed-up gunslinger. When Jim was younger, he was known as “The Waco Kid" and renowned for being quicker than a viper with his revolver. The notoriety proved to be too much for Jim, who was constantly challenged by young men eager to establish their fame by defeating the legendary Waco Kid. When a 6-year-old challenged Jim to a duel and then shot him in the ass as he walked away, Jim decided to get out of the business for good. Now, he dedicates all of his time to his real passion – drinking incredible amounts of alcohol.

Interests… chess, drinking, and screwing. Jim is incredibly jaded and has more or less checked out on life – now, he’s just passing the time until he dies.

Relationship status… single. Jim’s stopped trying to find happiness and doesn’t seem very interested in relationships of any kind. But despite himself, he’s begun to strike up a friendship with Bart.

Challenge… helping Bart save the frontier town of Rock Ridge. It’s hard to imagine anyone wanting the sleepy settlement, but the discovery of quicksand on the current railroad route sparked the decision to reroute the railway through Rock Ridge. Now the attorney-general, Hedley Lamarr, is looking to drive out the citizens of Rock Ridge so he can buy the land at a much cheaper rate. His first tactic was to send the town a black sheriff, Bart, hoping that their racism would cause them to abandon the town. But as Bart, with Jim's help, begins to gain the townsfolk’s respect, Lamarr decides to resort to more drastic measures. Looks like it’s time for the Waco Kid to ride again.

Personality… world-weary and apathetic. Jim is disconnected from most events, and basically tries to get through life by getting involved as little as possible. But despite his professed apathy, he seems to labor under a demanding conscience, and can’t help but step up when people need him. Not without a few dryly humorous remarks first, but that's just par for the course when it comes to Jim.

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