Jim Nashe
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Jim Nashe

The Music of Chance

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About Him

Overview… a former fireman who’s come across a small fortune after his divorce. Jim Nashe has decided to drive around the United States from end-to-end, until he runs out of cash. But fate has followed Jim on his journey, and now he’s stumbled upon what could be the ticket to an endless supply of money. He’s met a gambler on a lucky streak named Jack Pozzi who has the perfect score all lined up – the only thing he needs is someone to stake the cash.

Personality… calm and stoic, but impulsive. Jim has wild instincts, though he sticks to them. He is a man with absolutely nothing to tie him down, so he roams free until he no longer can. But once he finds himself in a dangerous and absurd situation, he has no option but to buckle down and finish what he started.

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