Jim Moriarty

Jim Moriarty


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in London, somewhere. No one's really sure what Moriarty looks like, much less where he lives. But if you're a part of a the criminal world, then you definitely know who he is.

Profession… consulting criminal. A self-employed man, Moriarty waits for his clients to come to him, making him much like fellow consultant Sherlock Holmes. Of course there’s one main difference: while Sherlock helps the police solve crimes, Moriarty is helping other criminals commit them.

Interests… opera, Glee, and murder. Mostly, though, Moriarty's interested in anything that can keep him amused, and it just so happens that manipulating others is awfully fun.

Relationship Status… single. Moriarty pretends to be gay upon first meeting Sherlock. But whatever his feelings towards the detective, Moriarty's definitely obsessed with him.

Challenge… staving off boredom. Ever since his first murder as a schoolboy, Moriarty has jumped from crime to crime, hoping to find something – anything – that could keep him entertained. It's a trait that he shares with Sherlock, as Moriarty is quick to note: "You and me, Sherlock. And our problem, our final problem... staying alive! So boring, isn't it?!" Moriarty seems to have finally found a worthy match in Sherlock, and describes him as "the best of distraction." Which makes it all the more the pity, really, that Moriarty has to kill him.

Personality… brilliant, ruthless, playfully homicidal. Moriarty might be a manipulative mastermind, but that doesn't mean he can't have fun while doing it. From wearing the crown jewels to playing the Bee Gees when confronting Sherlock, everything Moriarty does have a decided sense of drama. After all, as he tells Sherlock, "Every fairytale needs a good old-fashioned villain."



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