Jim Levenstein
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Jim Levenstein

American Pie

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About Him

Living... in East Great Falls, Michigan, with his parents. His parents are supportive of him. He is particularly close to his dad, who gives him all kinds of advice, including about sex. Jim is not sure he can trust his father's guidance; he just can’t imagine his Dad ever having sex.

Profession... high school senior. His closest friends at school are Kevin, Oz, Finch, and Stifler. Kevin is the only one with a girlfriend. Oz is a pretty, cocky jock. Finch is very uptight but can be fun when he loosens up. And Stifler is just a maniac.

Interests... going to parties. The last one was at Stifler's house. They barely survived it. Jim's got a bad headache, there are beer cans all over the house, and there is a dead body. Or maybe it's just Kevin. 

Relationship Status... single. Jim is a virgin, and his prospects look pretty bleak. So he spends a lot of time fantasizing about the Little Mermaid. He thinks Ariel is sexy, especially when she's on land.

Challenge... making sure he doesn't go off to college as a virgin. His friends are in the same boat, so they made a pact that they will all score by the time they graduate. Prom is their biggest opportunity, and there's exactly three weeks to the day. Jim has his eye on a hot new exchange student, Nadia. What could go wrong?

Personality... fun, naïve, and awkward. Jim is pretty clueless, especially about sex, and always seems to end up in embarrassing situations. Warning: His adventures may gross you out at times. But that's part of the fun of the ride.

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