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Jim Garrison


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About Him

Grew Up… in New Orleans. Garrison has always been on the side of justice. He studied law at Tulane and eventually rose up to become the District Attorney of Orleans Parish, Louisiana.

Living… at the center of the biggest lie ever told to the American people, at least in his view. Jim’s life changed on November 22, 1963, when President John. F. Kennedy was assassinated. Garrison was unsatisfied with the Warren Commission’s report – the government panel that looked into the assassination – and decided to dedicate his life to his own investigation.

Profession… lawyer and activist. Garrison is out to expose a massive conspiracy (in his view) within the U.S. government. He explains, “Once you conclude the magic bullet could not create all seven of those wounds, you’d have to conclude that there was a fourth shot and a second rifle. And if there was a second rifleman, then by definition, there had to be a conspiracy.”

Interests… the justice system. Jim Garrison has always believed in America’s judicial system. He holds that, even in dark times, a court of law will remain the only arena in which the truth can be told. He explains, “If you let yourself be too scared then you let the bad guys take over the country, don’t you? And then everybody gets scared.”

Relationship Status… in a troubled marriage. Garrison has drifted away from his wife and children since becoming consumed with JFK’s death. Liz Garrison, the mother of Jim’s children, just wants to live a normal life.

Challenge… bringing the real assassins to justice. Jim is up against the biggest and most powerful forces in the world. He also needs to convince people that he's right, while the rest of the world – or at least the powers-that-be as exemplified by the Warren Commission – is wrong.

Personality… determined, fearless, and dedicated to discovering the truth. Jim knows that he’s “a mouse fighting a gorilla” (as one of his informants says). Despite this, Jim is willing to risk his life in order to expose how (he believes) JFK was really killed.

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