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Jim Carroll

The Basketball Diaries

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About Him

Grew Up… in his mother’s tiny apartment in New York City. Jim came from a very humble background.

Living… anywhere he can find shelter. Jim’s addiction to heroin has forced him to live on the streets as a homeless bum.

Profession… former student and basketball player at an elite Manhattan private school. Jim was one of the best players on the undefeated squad, which won him a scholarship to the highly selective academy. He likes to say that he played “like a cheetah.”

Interests… getting high. Jim has gotten to the point in his addiction where he doesn’t care about much else in life other than getting his fix. Like everyone else on the streets he has come to know, he never thought that his addiction would take such a toll. As he says, “First, it’s a Saturday night thing when you feel cool like a gangster or a rockstar – just something to kill the boredom, you know? They call it a chippie, a small habit. It feels so good, you start doing it on Tuesdays… then Thursdays… then it’s got you.”

Relationship Status… none, though Jim has taken to prostitution to make money. With a habit as addictive as heroin, Jim will stoop to any low in order to get some quick cash.

Challenge… battling his addiction and letting some love into his life. Jim’s mother just wants to help bring him back to reality, but he keeps driving her away or manipulating her into giving him money. Jim won’t live long if he keeps going on like this.

Personality… daring, handsome, and poetic. Jim has always had a literary view of life. In his free time, before his addiction, he wrote poetry. He’s even begun to see his rough life in poetic terms: “You wanna stop, you really do. But it’s like a dream. You can’t stop dreams, they move in crazy pieces any way they want to.”

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