Jillian Holtzmann

Jillian Holtzmann

    Ghostbusters (2016)
Photo Credit: Everett Collection

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... to the beat of her own drum in New York City.

Profession... engineer and experimental particle physicist. Holtzmann works with Abby Yates in an underfunded lab investigating the paranormal. But after having an actual experience with a ghost, Holtzmann helps launch a new ghost-hunting business called the Ghostbusters. She joins forces with Abby, physicist Erin Gilbert (Abby’s longtime best friend), and New York expert Patty Jenkins. Though no one in the city takes them seriously, the four women believe in themselves.

Interests... designing gadgets. Holtzmann’s madcap mind is always whirring and she’ll transform anything into one of her machines. From circuit boards to superconducting magnets to Faraday cages, there’s nothing Holtzmann can’t build. She’s also found of Pringles, or, as she calls them, “salty parabolas.”

Relationship Status... single. Holtzmann’s far too busy working as Ghostbuster to have time to date.

Challenge... protecting New York City. It soon becomes clear there’s something more than just everyday ghost sightings going on in the city. Someone or something is causing spirits to cross over in mass, and the only ones who can do something about it are the Ghostbusters. So Holtzmann gets to work creating new tech to ensure the Ghostbusters are well armed in their fight against the paranormal.

Personality... eccentric, fearless, and utterly unique. Holtzmann dances to the beat of her own drum – literally. There’s no social norm she won’t ignore in favor of doing her own thing. When she meets Erin for the first time, she proudly announces, “Virgo. Avid skier. Gluten-full. And 100% jazzed to meet you.” Holtzmann’s goofy personality may make it seem like she doesn’t take life seriously, but despite her eccentricities, she cares deeply about her work and her friends.


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