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Jillian Belk


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Living... in Rancho Cucamonga, though she has expressed her wish to "live in Jurassic Park time." She’s got something of a nerd-bachelorette-pad going. The place is filled with cats instead of kids, but to her, “Cats... are kids. Kiddens.”

Profession… assistant to Alice, the senior sales associate. Jillian is Alice’s whipping girl, constantly taking abuse from her jilted boss. When she’s not being yelled at, she’s being goofed on by co-workers Adam, Blake, and Ders. Jillian holds the dubious honor of being so helpful it’s harmful. Willing to help her co-workers undermine her boss AND simultaneously enforce her boss’s wishes, Jillian ineffectually muddles just about any situation she’s involved in.

Interests... all things nerdy, to a cringe-worthy degree. Jillian can mention attending a Justin Bieber concert with her nephew Dennis, because she can just as easily down a keg with the guys. She’s also a karaoke aficionado, with an infamous rendition of “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round That Mountain” in her arsenal.

Relationship Status… single with perpetual bad luck. The guys once set her up with a guy on a dating site, which predictably turned into a disaster once the guy turned out to be a gigolo. She came close to being with Blake one time... until they were so high he accidentally choked her.

Challenge... surviving the abuse she takes at work. Either Jillian is on the other side of a rant from Alice or the butt of a joke or prank from Blake, Anders, and Adam. At times, she summons the courage to stand up for herself, but it’s only a matter of time until things are back to normal again.

Personality… straight-laced and anxious. Jillian is very naïve and wide-eyed, in stark contrast to the boys’ wild antics. At times she can be way more adult than them, saving them from bullies or getting them out of a crunch. She tolerates the fair amount of sexism thrown her way, because she knows it’s only a matter of time until she embarrasses them with her superior mental (and at times physical) strength.

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