Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in South Korea, where she clearly became incredibly in touch with the sky.  One can assume that the mountains and valleys of the Korean terrain played some role in teaching her how to harness the winds.

Role… duelist. Jett’s job is to get in the opponent’s face as quickly as possible, applying pressure with her superior speed and agility. If the enemy team is not immediately alert, they may be taken out by Jett before they can set up their defenses or even have time to react.

Interests… going where the wind takes her, quite literally. Jett enjoys dashing around the map by utilizing gusts of wind that she can summon on command, which can propel her forward, backward, to the side, or even upward, and she can also utilize the wind to create vision blocking clouds that she tosses around the map. Additionally, she is very fond of her collection of knives, which she utilizes to hurl at enemies and quickly pick them off one by one.

Challenge… finding balance. The incredibly fast pace that Jett plays at is hard for any other agents to keep up with. As a result, Jett sometimes struggles to stick with her team as a unit, leading her to be easily singled out and neutralized. She is often met with the challenge of playing at a pace which allows her to surprise the enemy team and keep them on their toes, while not playing so fast that she becomes more erratic than effective.

Personality… fast-moving, self-reliant, and bold. Jett is always a high energy presence, constantly occupied and looking for her next move. Jett has an independent personality and rarely relies on others for help, preferring to take care of things herself. However, that does not necessarily mean that she is a selfish teammate, she just knows herself enough to understand how she can personally help. She is an incredibly valuable asset for teammates that do not mind her unpredictable playstyle and are okay with her going off on her own to surprise the enemies and ultimately help the team.


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