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Toy Story 2

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Overview... toy stuck in storage who’s finally finding her purpose in life. When another toy from her set, Woody, arrives at toy collector Al’s house, the Woody’s Roundup toy set is complete and they can all be shipped to Japan to be exhibited in a toy museum. Of course, Woody wants to get back to his owner Andy. Jessie once belonged to a little girl, but she outgrew her and Jessie thinks something similar will happen to Woody.

Personality... energetic, rambunctious, and abandoned. When Emily outgrew Jessie, it really scarred the free-spirited toy. She now has panic attacks at the thought of returning to storage and is hesitant to put herself in situations where she can be taken advantage of. Meanwhile, Woody has complete faith in Andy and knows that Jessie can be loved again. As fun as she seems outwardly, she has issues to resolve on the inside.

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