Jessie Spano
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Jessie Spano

Saved by the Bell

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About Her

Living… in the Palisades in Southern California, next door to Zack Morris. Jessie lives with her mother after her parents’ divorce. Her father was the first to remarry, something Jessie was opposed to at first. Zack is a frequent visitor to the Spano household, usually entering through Jessie’s bedroom window.

Profession… student at Bayside High School and student-body president. She initially lost the election to Zack, but he gave her the position after he realized she was the best candidate after all. Plus, he borderline cheated, anyway. Jessie wanted it bad enough to be president three years running.

Interests… music. Jessie started Hot Sundae, an all-girl vocal group, right around the same time her addiction to caffeine pills started. The group’s leotards and hairstyles are the stuff of legend. They only had one song, “Go For It!,” but what a song it was.

Relationship Status… dating A.C. Slater. The two make a curious pair. Her smarts combined with his… not-so-smarts. He’s not exactly known for his sensitivity to women or feminist beliefs, either, while those values are extremely important to Jessie. But it doesn’t seem like she minds being called “Mama” by Slater from time to time. Their relationship has survived countless minor arguments and a few major crises, like when she had to kiss Zack during a scene in the school play.

Challenge… stress. Jessie is far from immune to the pressures of being in the best social circles and trying to get accepted to an elite university. For a time she struggled with over-the-counter caffeine pills, which she used to stay awake and cram more into every day. She developed a dependency on them and had something of a breakdown, with Zack saving the day.

Personality… intelligent and driven. Jessie has a more worldly point-of-view than her peers. She’s a liberal with strong feminist views and is never shy to voice her opinion in the face of perceived injustice. In spite of her intelligence, she can be quite neurotic and insecure at times, such as fearing she’s too tall to date most boys at her school. Jessie is someone who will go very far in life, as long as she can curb her occasional tendency toward self-sabotage.

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