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Grew up… in Virginia. Jessica thought that she had her entire life planned out for her when she married her high school sweetheart, Nick Brody. The world, though, has a way of complicating things.

Living… in a strange imitation of domestic life. Now that her husband, Nick, is home after being in a prison camp in Afghanistan for eight years, Jessica is finding it hard to adjust to his needs. She understands that his return may be strange for him, and she’s trying to live the life that she thinks he wants.

Profession… housewife. Jessica had to struggle to pay the bills while her husband was missing, but now she has a bit more time on her hands. Being Nick Brody’s wife will prove to be a full-time job.

Relationship Status… married to Nick, but in love with someone else. Jess, who had (understandably) believed that Nick was almost certainly dead, got very close with his best friend, Mike, in the eight years since Nick was missing.

Challenge… understanding her husband. Jessica genuinely wants her family to be happy, but there’s something about Nick that doesn’t seem right. He’s not the normal, happy man that he used to be. As she yells at him, “You barely sleep, you turn your back on your friends, you scare your children!”

Personality… headstrong and loyal. Jess is willing to give life with Nick another shot, even though she’d found happiness with Mike in his absence. Jess wants to trust her husband and help him return to a normal life in American suburbia, but he’s making it difficult by lying to her. “I don’t want to hear another lie,” she tells him. There was a time when the safe return of her husband was all that she could’ve dreamed of. But now that it’s actually happened, it’s much more problematic than she could’ve imagined.

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