Jesse Katsopolis
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Jesse Katsopolis

Full House

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About Him

Living... in a huge house in San Francisco with his brother-in-law, Danny; their friend, Joey; Danny's three daughters, DJ, Stephanie and Michelle; and eventually his wife, Becky. At first, Jesse has no experience with children and is not a typical "family man," but becomes a caring, integral part of this unconventional family.

Profession... various. He first worked for his father's extermination company. After moving into Danny’s house, he leaves that business to pursue work in entertainment. Because of his love for music, Jesse tries his hand at writing advertising jingles, later co-hosts a radio show with Joey, and eventually opens up his own club.

Interests... music and his hair. When he isn’t busy playing in rock bands, Jesse can be found frequently combing, styling and simply admiring his perfectly coifed mullet. He even claims, "When I was born, the doctor smacked my butt and gave me a blow dryer."

Relationship Status... single and flirtatious, until he meets Becky, Danny's co-host on Wake Up, San Francisco. The two quickly fall in love, ultimately leading to their marriage and Becky moving into the already packed house. They complement each other very well and eventually have two children of their own, twin boys Nicky and Alex.

Challenge... learning to be less of a “lone wolf” and more of a family man. Jesse is used to making decisions only for himself, but when he moves into Danny's house with three young children, he has to adapt very quickly. Once he gets used to helping around the house, he gets really into it: "I have cleaned the house and washed and ironed your clothes and ran a daycare center for socially deviant munchkins, and missed Oprah!”

Personality... smooth, sexy, and cool. Jesse rides a motorcycle, plays in a rock band and idolizes Elvis. Though slightly immature at first, he eventually embraces the idea of raising his nieces, and is excited by the relationships he has with them. No matter how much he matures, though, he will never part with his favorite catchphrase, which is handy for articulating nearly any emotion: "Have mercy!"

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