Jesse James
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Jesse James

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

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About Him

Overview... gunslinger and celebrity outlaw. As a leader of the James Gang, Jesse was used to hangers-on, but a certain 19-year-old gunslinger named Robert Ford caught his eye. Ford proved a worthy disciple, staying by Jesse’s side as his paranoia worsened.  After forming a new band of outlaws, including Ford, James realizes that someone in his crew has conspired to kill him for the reward money. The only solution is to kill them all, one by one.

Personality... outwardly confident, but paranoid and melancholy. Beneath the veneer of confidence and fearlessness lies a man deeply unsure of himself and completely unable to trust others. It’s difficult to tell whether his paranoia is well-warranted given his line of work, or a sign of madness. Oddly enough, Jesse is also obsessed with the media’s depiction of him. If anything’s for sure, the glorified depictions of him in tall tales and crime novels are a far cry from the life of quiet desperation he suffers through daily.

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