Jesse Gemstone

Jesse Gemstone

    The Righteous Gemstones
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... a life of luxury, in the Gemstones’ gated compound with his three sons: Gideon, Pontius, and Abraham. He lives uncomfortably close to his father and his brothers. It’s an uncomfortable trade-off. On the one hand he has this beautiful mansion. On the other hand, he can never get a moment away from his family.

Profession... Associate pastor of the Gemstone Ministries. Sure, his life’s been a product of nepotism, but don’t ask him to admit it. If you asked him, he’d have exactly his same position no matter who his dad was.

Interests... keeping his tower of cards afloat. He ran over his extortionists with his car, but now he has to recover the security footage without anybody knowing. He keeps up with his family, whenever he has a spare moment. Unfortunately, they’re a bunch of degenerates whose lifestyles make Jesse ill.

Relationship Status... formerly married to Amber Gemstone. He kept up the charade for so long -- that nothing was brewing with those text messages, that he wasn’t about to be the subject of a gigantic blackmail scandal. Amber played along as long as she could but soon enough the cognitive dissonance got to be too much.

Challenges... keeping up the facade he’s so perfectly maintained. Jesse isn’t half the holy man he claims to be, but now he’s getting threatening text messages that contain incriminating evidence of him doing coke with a bunch of prostitutes. He’s being blackmailed, and now having to deceive his father in order to walk this tight rope correctly. Everything is closing in on him.

Personality... angry and self-serving. Jesse is a loose cannon who is easily baited into ridiculous arguments with his brothers. He might be a pastor but he curses a mile a minute. He resents his brothers and his father and he can’t figure out why, with all this power and glory, he’s still so unhappy. He isn’t afraid of endangering others and jeopardizing their good reputations for his own good. He isn’t very clever and adept at dealing with complex situations. His blackmailing situation is made way worse by his consistently stupid choices of how to deal with it.


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