Jerry Maguire
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Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire

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About Him

Living... alone in southern California. He used to live with his beautiful fiancé Avery, but she moved out when Jerry lost his job at the agency.

Profession... sports agent. He used to be one of 33 agents representing over 2,000 of the most important and well-paid athletes in the world, but he got fired for a memo he wrote. It was written after a disturbing encounter Jerry had with the son of one of his injured clients. Shaken, Jerry outlined his vision of a firm that would place a greater focus on its clients’ long-term success rather than on short-term profits. Jerry was unceremoniously fired. Out of work and short on options, Jerry’s leaving to make his own firm – one that stands by the principles outlined in his manifesto.

Interests... none. He’s trying to build a business out of nothing, and leaves no time for himself. Instead, he spends pretty much every waking moment coping with his only client, Rod Tidwell’s problems. Jerry calls it an, “up-at-dawn pride-swallowing siege,” but if that’s what it takes to make his new agency succeed, then that’s what Jerry’s going to do.

Relationship Status... confusing. He is starting to fall for Dorothy, his only employee and the only person who believes in him. But she’s a single mother, and Jerry is terrified about hurting her or destabilizing her life further after she quit her job to follow him.

Challenge... trying to stay afloat. Jerry is used to a life of first-class plane tickets, expensive dinners, and even more expensive clothes – but ever since he lost his job he’s flirting with bankruptcy. His only hope at making some money comes in the form of his only client, Rod Tidwell. Unfortunately, pleasing Tidwell isn’t easy. It’s tough, unrewarding work, but if Jerry can pull it off he’d be on the path to building his own successful sports agency.

Personality... charming, energetic, and tenacious. Jerry was made to be a sports agent. Despite the recent changes in his life, he’s confident in his ability to ultimately come out on top. He says, "Come after me and you will lose. I am a survivor! Do not underestimate Jerry Maguire!" Although he is determined, his focus is starting to change. For so long, he was driven to succeed at a top agency. But since he met Dorothy, he is redefining what success really means.

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