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Jerry Lundegaard


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About Him

Overview… an incompetent car salesman living in 1987 Minneapolis. Jerry is desperate for money, and the good news is that his father-in-law Wade is incredibly rich. The bad news is that Wade isn’t particularly fond of him. Thus, Jerry hatches a plan to hire two criminals to capture his wife, Jean, in order to ransom her to her father. His co-conspirators will get a cut of the cash, and Jerry will keep the rest. What could possibly go wrong?

Personality… mild-mannered, greedy, and dishonest. To an outsider, Jerry seems like an average guy, a loving husband, and a caring father, but he is anything but that. After all, he is willing to expose his family to dangerous criminals in exchange for cash. As complications arise and his plan goes completely awry, Jerry gets more and more flustered, and consequently has to lie more. And by that point, everything is out of his control.

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Jerry Lundegaard
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