Jerry Dandridge
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Jerry Dandridge

Fright Night

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About Him

Overview… there’s something off about Jerry. Sure, he lives in a normal-looking suburb of Las Vegas, and he seems friendly enough. But his neighbor Charley is starting to think that the amiable attitude might just be a cover for something far more sinister. Something like being a blood-sucking monster, for instance. But Jerry’s had a long time to practice blending in, and no one believes in vampires anymore.

Personality… slick, friendly, and creepy. Jerry acts like a perfect neighbor – even when he’s killing people. He doesn’t seem to feel remorse, and he has a misogyny streak a mile wide. On top of that, when he gets it in his head that he wants to sink his teeth into someone in particular, he won’t stop hunting them down, eating everyone in his path. And through it all, he’ll be smiling.

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