Jeremy Usborne
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Jeremy Usborne

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About Him

Living… with his best friend Mark in a small Croydon flat. Sure, his roommate can be overly sensible and a bit prickly about hygiene, but he takes care of the rent and most other living expenses. It’s a pretty sweet deal, considering how much money Jeremy brings in. Hint: it’s basically nil.

Profession… “musician.” Jeremy loves waxing eloquent about music and artistry. Unfortunately, he rarely practices or gets any gigs. Thus, he spends most of the working day indulging in his other favorite activity: sex. Mark complains frequently, but Jeremy always shuts him down: “Mark, your job is going to the office. My job is having sex... That’s what I am. I’m a sexer.”

Interests... drugs, casual sex, and more drugs. Jeremy is a bit of a hedonist. Thanks to Mark’s goodwill, he can afford to be one.

Relationship Status... single. Jeremy will sleep with anything that moves. He isn’t picky about who he dates or flirts with. As long as sex is on the table (or any other surface for that matter), Jez is game.

Challenge... staying out of trouble. As someone who frequently acts before he thinks, Jeremy’s excessively carefree attitude towards life causes a lot of problems. Luckily, Mark is usually there to get him out of a scrape.

Personality... laid-back, but dishonest and immature. Jeremy frequently relies on Mark to resolve his issues. Not that he’s particularly appreciative. Jez often lashes out at his best friend/beneficiary for failing to meet his many requests, often in rather colorful phrases that we can’t repeat here.  

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