Jeremy Goodwin
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Jeremy Goodwin

Sports Night

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About Him

Grew Up… very close to his family, which included his parents and younger sister, Louise. He often writes letters to his sister, and, like the exemplary son he is, Jeremy talks to his parents often.

Living... in New York City. He might not partake in much of the city’s famed nightlife, but as someone who seems to be monitoring sports and all other forms of minutia 24/7, Jeremy is a good fit for the City That Never Sleeps.

Profession… associate producer at Sports Night on the Continental Sports Channel. Jeremy is the newest member of the production crew. Even though he’s more than qualified for the job, his perfectionist tendencies sometimes make him his own worst enemy.

Relationship Status… single and oblivious. Jeremy might have feelings for one of his new co-workers, Natalie – and she might even like him back – but he’s much more focused on proving himself in his new position at Sports Night

Challenge… reconciling his love for the nuances of sports while doing well in his fast-paced job. In the world of daily sports journalism, the score and the big plays are what matters most to most audience members – and pretty much all network execs. There’s not much time to smell the roses. But as Jeremy explains, the basics of who won and by how much aren’t that important if no one first stops to appreciate the moment when “the storm clouds are gathering.”

Personality… nervous, knowledgeable, and passionate. At first glance, Jeremy seems like a stereotypical nerd, and to be fair, he kind of is. But he’s also a terrific guy who hates confrontation, yet can’t help getting in people’s faces when he cares about something. He always wants to do the right thing, and it’s basically impossible for him to be anything other than 100% genuine in his actions. 

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