Jenny Schecter
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Jenny Schecter

The L Word

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About Her

Grew up... in Illinois with her mother. Jenny grew up dreaming of becoming a writer and graduated with an MFA at the University of Iowa.

Living… in Los Angeles. She just came to the city with her boyfriend Tim Haspel.

Profession… aspiring writer. Jenny has loved writing fiction ever since she was young, and is pretty good at it, too. She’s hoping to make it now that she’s living near Hollywood.

Interests… going out with her friends. Her experiences with her friends provide good fodder for her stories. Although Jenny claims that all of her stories are fictional, some of her friends don’t take too kindly to being the thinly disguised characters in her stories.

Relationship Status… complicated. Jenny loves her boyfriend Tim, but things get complicated when she’s introduced to her lesbian neighbors’ group of lesbian friends. She meets Marina Ferrer, owner of The Planet coffeehouse, and has begun an affair with her in secret.

Challenge… managing her burgeoning mental illness issues. Jenny has always been a little bit lost and depressed, but her relationships with her friends and lovers are really starting to take a toll on her.

Personality… creative, bold, and narcissistic. Jenny is very upfront about her opinions, which sometimes make her come off as brash and brutally honest to others. She can be grating and self-absorbed, if not totally melodramatic and just too strong. She’s prone to impulsive behavior like lying and cheating. Jenny seems constantly miserable and fragile, but when she’s feeling friendly she can be fun and outgoing. 


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