Jenny Humphrey
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Jenny Humphrey

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Living… in Brooklyn with her father, Rufus Humphrey, and older brother, Dan. Though they live comfortably in their loft apartment, Jenny often regrets that she is not as wealthy as the other girls at school.  

Profession… student at the Constance Billard School for Girls. She’s a pretty, blonde freshman desperately trying to fit in with Blair Waldorf’s clique. Blair makes it impossible for Jenny to rise up in the ranks, subjecting her to the strict social hierarchy. She’s definitely an “it girl,” but her lack of financial status makes her more insecure than her peers.

Interests... fashion. Though she can’t afford the designer labels that the girls of the Upper East Side wear, Jenny still keeps up with the latest trends. She loves designing her own clothes, leading her to pursue an internship with Blair’s mother’s company, Waldorf Designs.

Relationship Status... single. Jenny develops a crush on Nate Archibald, which only furthers the rivalry between her and Blair. Relationships are just one more aspect of Jenny’s life where she feels like she is constantly losing out to those who are older, wealthier and more confident than her.

Challenge… not being destroyed by Blair and the elite of the Upper East Side. She embarrassed Blair to no end during their scheming war, so now she’s hoping to become a better person. Still, every time she tries to get out, they pull her back in. Jenny sees herself as above the fray, but she can’t help but be a part of it. Jenny faces a lot of peer pressure because she is younger than most of her friends, and often gives in.

Personality… insecure. Jenny’s always felt fairly out of place in the upper-crust world of Constance Billard. She’s a social climber who wants to fit in among the rich girls, but she’s a middle-class Brooklyn girl at heart. This works to her advantage at times, as her lack of privilege has lead her to focus her talents on her fashion aspirations. She’s a spunky and ambitious go-getter.

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