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Jennifer Melfi

The Sopranos

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Living… in a condo in Essex Falls, N.J. Dr. Melfi lives the lifestyle that her career and education have prepared her for. She lives a relatively isolated life until she meets her patient Tony Soprano, a Mafia boss who opens up a side of North Jersey (and of the human mind) that she’s only encountered in textbooks and movies.

Profession… psychiatrist. Dr. Melfi trained at Bard College and Tufts University School of Medicine. She’s an accomplished therapist who takes pride in her work. She sees life through the lens of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual.

Interests… wine and food. Dr. Melfi may tend to overindulge a bit on alcohol, which she turns to increasingly as pressure piles on. Tony Soprano’s case keeps her up at night, makes her nervous and, in some instances, has put her life in jeopardy. As she once told her one therapist, “I’m living in a moral never-never-land with this patient. Not wanting to judge, but to treat. But now I’ve judged. I took a position, goddamn it, and I’m scared.”

Relationship Status… divorced. Dr. Melfi has a relatively amiable relationship with her ex-husband. They have a son together.

Challenge… fixing Tony Soprano. Dr. Melfi realizes that she’s dealing with a psychopath, and she takes it as her responsibility to heal him, though she’s not quite sure at what cost. As she once asked him, “How many more people have to die for your personal growth?”

Personality… professional. Even though Dr. Melfi confesses many unprofessional or immature thoughts to her own therapist, she makes sure that those thoughts and feelings stay away from her own practice. She is steady and reliable. If you need a good psychiatrist in Northern New Jersey, you’d do well to make an appointment with Dr. Melfi.

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