Jenna Rink

Jenna Rink

    13 Going on 30
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... with her parents in the suburbs. Her early years were rough – especially as the social outcast of her junior high school. And she doesn’t have any memories at all of her late teenage years. The last event she remembers clearly was her 13th birthday party, when someone gave her magical wishing dust that would make all her dreams come true. She wished to be 30. Next thing she knew, she was.

Living... alone in a luxurious apartment in Manhattan. And during the holidays, you can usually find her in St. Barts.

Profession... editor of Poise, a popular fashion magazine. Under her direction, she is trying to make Poise the "chicest of the chic."

Interests... drinking Pina Coladas, but as she brags, "not the virgin kind."

Relationship Status... confusing. She is feeling guilty about an affair she has been having with the husband of one of her friends. And she can’t stop thinking about her best friend Matty from back home, who is getting married. She hadn’t seen him since she was 13, and seeing him again brought back all the feelings from that time. She can't let him marry someone else.

Challenge... feeling unsatisfied. She has gotten everything that she thought she ever wanted, but she's surprisingly unhappy. If this is what being a grown-up is really like, she never would’ve made that birthday wish to be 30 years old.

Personality... to her chagrin, Jenna at 30 discovers she is shallow, immature, and manipulative. In other words, pretty unlikable. Even she admits, “Do you know what kind of person I am now, I mean – do you know who I am right now? I don't have any real friends. I did something bad with a married guy. I don't talk to my mom and dad. I'm not a nice person.” But maybe it's not too late to change...


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