Jenna Maroney

Jenna Maroney

    30 Rock
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... as a high-profile celebrity in New York City. Jenna loves to be on stage, and she’d gladly allow cameras into her home if only some cable network was willing. Really, how can Jenna not have a reality show by now? She should complain to her agent.

Profession... actress and singer. Jenna is one of the stars of the sketch-comedy show TGS with Tracy Jordan. She has been with the show since she and Liz Lemon conceived it as The Girlie Show, but Jenna was essentially demoted from top billing when NBC decided to put wacky movie star Tracy Jordan in the cast. Ever since, Jenna has constantly monitored the amount of attention she gets relative to Tracy. Maybe if Jenna’s film career really takes off everything will change, and hopefully The Rural Juror will be the hit movie to catapult her to even greater fame.

Interests... herself. Jenna feels that her very existence is extremely significant and convinces herself that everyone feels the same way. She is very passionate about what she stands for, however banal it may be. But even her many charitable endeavors are typically all about her. Exhibit A: "There are little blonde girls in this country who have no idea they can be beautiful. That's why I started Jenna's Kids. It's a summer camp that teaches pretty, blonde girls how to be mean."

Relationship Status... usually a trainwreck. Jenna has a pretty skewed view of what’s healthy. As she tells Liz, "Relationships are like sharks. If you're not left with several bite marks after intercourse, then something's wrong." Probably her most successful relationship is her current one with husband Paul, a cross-dresser whom she met at a Jenna Maroney impersonator contest. Talk about a match made in heaven.

Challenge... humility. This celebrity actress has a difficult time empathizing with "the masses.” She seems to have lost all ties to a life outside of being famous and has completely removed the idea of living as such from her head, hoping to remain in the spotlight for the rest of her days.

Personality... egocentric and superficial. Jenna feels the need to be the center of attention at all times; she once staged her own impromptu wedding when a friend's wedding shifted the focus of the staff away from her. Even mundane items can be transformed as reflections of her significance: "A line-item budget! Ooooh. I LOVE this! It takes people and turns them into amounts of money. Except for Tracy, I'm the most important person on the show." Given Jenna’s me-first vanity, though, she’s probably chosen the best possible career.


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