21 Jump Street
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in the days when being cool was easy – all you had to do was “one-strap” your backpack, beat up nerds and fail all your classes. Jenko was the top dog in high school, but that was in 2005, and times have certainly changed.

Profession… officer in the Metropolitan City Police Department, where he’s been assigned to the task force at 21 Jump Street. Jenko is going undercover at a local high school to infiltrate the dealers of a deadly new synthetic drug called H.F.S.

Interests… working out and staying in shape. Jenko has spent too much of his life focusing on the physical side of things and not enough time working on his book smarts. He can’t even seem to remember the Miranda rights. As he mistakenly says, “You have the right to remain an attorney.”

Relationship Status… single. Jenko was always getting with the hot babes back when he was actually in high school, but now he’s been relegated into the nerd crowd. His chances of bagging a cool girl are slim to none, but his science teacher, Ms. Griggs, is attracted to how mature he is...physically.

Challenge… finding out who’s supplying H.F.S. to students and bringing them down. Jenko has been doing more actual police work on this assignment than his partner, Schmidt, who’s fallen for one of the cool girls at school. She also happens to run with the dealers. Another difficult task for Jenko is remembering his new identity; he accidentally confuses his alias with his partner’s and gets stuck in “Brad’s” challenging classes.

Personality… airheaded, bumbling, and overconfident. Jenko still believes that being lazy makes him cool. His rules for breezing through high school? “One, don’t try hard at anything, okay? Two, make fun of people who do try. Three, be handsome. Four, if anyone steps you on the first day of school, you punch them directly in the face. Five, drive a kick-ass car.”


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