Jen Lindley
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Jen Lindley

Dawson's Creek

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Living... in Capeside, Massachussets, after a childhood spent in New York City. Jen says that her parents sent her to help take care of her ailing grandfather. This seems to be only part of the story, however, as her conservative Christian grandmother is keeping close tabs on everything she does.

Profession... entering her sophomore year at Capeside High. As a new student at Capeside, she is trying to find a group of friends and establish some semblance of normalcy.

Interests... fashion, boys, and having a good time. Jen has been rather vague about her background. When a popular student asks if she “likes to party,” she says that she “likes to have a good time, substance free.” It seems that Jen is trying to start anew.

Relationship Status… currently single, but drawing attention from Dawson. A relationship between the two, however, might be doomed from the start – they are complete opposites and Jen would naturally click with someone edgier than a typical good boy.

Challenge...  developing a peaceful relationship with her Grandmother. Jen is constantly clashing with her Grams over their religious beliefs, and it can get quite nasty. Jen is a liberal-minded atheist while Grams is a conservative Christian. In a heated fight, Jen sarcastically tells her, “Tell ya what, grams. I'll go to church with you when you say the word ‘penis.’"

Personality...  witty, sarcastic, worldly, and wise. Jen is always able to give uninhibited practical advice, with wisdom that can only come from experience. She tries to look more composed that she is actually is. As she admits, “You have no idea how much makeup it takes to look like you're really not that into makeup.” She also bares a deep sadness. Sarcastically, she sadly states, “You can’t cap my melancholy.”

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