Jen Harding

Jen Harding

    Dead to Me

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in Brooklyn, New York. Her mother died from breast cancer when Jen was young. She continues to struggle with the loss of her mother to this day.

Living... in Laguna Beach, California, where she is raising her two sons, Charlie and Henry Harding. Their lives have turned upside down after her husband Ted was killed suddenly and violently. While jogging, he was hit by a car and was left to bleed to death on the side of the road. 

Profession... real estate agent. Working with her real estate partner Christopher Doyle, they make a good team. But Jen’s bluntness is causing her to lose some clients. 

Interests... trying to become happy again. She recently joined a support group for those who have lost people close to them. She now has a new best friend: a painter named Judy Hale who loves heavy metal music and wine. Together, they drink Pinot Noir and share stories and gossip. She’s thankful that Judy doesn’t say the same crap that everybody says that makes her feel even worse. 

Relationship status... widowed. Jen blames herself for Ted’s death because they had a fight the night he was killed. He was so angry he decided to go jogging in the middle of the night. Feeling guilty and lonely, Jen is understandably feeling sorry for herself. 

Challenge... dealing with the slow-moving Laguna Beach police department that has yet to find the killer. Jen berates them each day for leads, but to no avail. Taking matters into her own hands, she drives the streets at night looking for the car that was involved in the accident. Jen has also discovered a clue that a young girl discovered next to Ted's body. Hopefully, that clue helps to narrow the search.

Personality... blunt, determined, and fiery. Jen is heartbroken and furious about everything that has happened. A loose cannon, Jen has had enough of holding back and now just blurts out whatever is in her head. Jen is someone who can make even the most bleak situations something to laugh about. 


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