Jemaine Clement
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Jemaine Clement

Flight of the Conchords

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About Him

Living... in a small apartment in New York City, where Jemaine is pursuing his dream of being a professional musician with his bandmate/roommate Bret McKenzie.

Profession... musician in his band, Flight of the Conchords. Since his move from New Zealand, he has struggled to make any real headway as an artist and is forced to work small, unfulfilling jobs around the city to pay rent. Still, he’s confident that no matter how bad things are in New York, it’s better than his old life as a shepherd in New Zealand.

Interests... music and Bret. Jemaine is extremely interested in the comings and goings of his bandmate. He seems to thoroughly enjoy hearing about Bret's problems, and is always quick to offer advice.

Relationship Status... single, but Jemaine considers himself quite the ladies man. Whether he deserves this title is doubtful, and he seems to know a lot less about than women he pretends to. He persistently asserts “obvious” facts like, "Women love weaving, they love to weave." He has had a few brief relationships since moving to New York, but mostly just gives dating advice to Bret, who has slightly more success with women – which is to say hardly any success at all.

Challenge... achieving success for Flight of the Conchords. Jemaine cares about the success of his band above all else. But he is willing to work menial labor jobs to pay for the rent while he waits for his big break. However, Jemaine finds success to be elusive, and Flight of the Conchords doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast. This is in part due to Jemaine and Bret’s decision to hire the bumbling Murray Hewitt as their band manager. The odds are against them, but Jemaine is committed to his dream, and firmly believes that one day he’ll be able to pay his rent with his music.

Personality... unemotional, unsentimental, and more than a touch odd. Jemaine takes pride in his stoicism, and rarely expresses his feelings. He likes to think he has control over himself emotionally, but tends to overreact or overanalyze simple situations, especially when it comes to women and the band. Jemaine is filled with self-doubt, and is quick to jump to conclusions. While Jemaine can think on a higher plane than his bandmate, Bret is the more level-headed of the two and often sees a clearer solution to the problems that Jemaine overthinks.

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