Jeffrey Beaumont
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Jeffrey Beaumont

Blue Velvet

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Living… in Lumbertown, in a beautiful house with a perfect lawn and a white picket fence. Birds chirp throughout the morning and everyone is friendly. Jeffrey is really gassed to be back home from school. Lumbertown is a swell town and the people couldn't be friendlier. At least, that’s what he always thought.

Profession… student. Jeffrey devotes most of his free time to piecing together the mystery of the severed human ear he found one day while walking in a nearby field. Detective Williams says he’s got the case under control, but one can never be sure. As a civilian, Jeffrey might be able to get a lot of information through means that a detective can’t access.

Interests… trying to keep Dorothy safe from Frank. Dorothy was Jeffrey’s first lead in his private “investigation,” and he snuck into her apartment to try to gather clues. He watched from the closet as she was beat by her sociopathic lover, Frank. Now he needs to keep himself safe from both of them. He also wants to get to the bottom of all this while making sure his new girlfriend, Sandy, is still happy and oblivious.

Relationship Status… struggling, since Dorothy entered his life. Sandy is the perfect Lumbertown High School girl; she shares Jeffrey’s wide-eyed innocence and sensibility. Jeffrey does not want her dealing with this dark world he’s stumbled upon. Sometimes Sandy romanticizes his moonlighting as a detective – after all, Detective Williams is her dad so she’s familiar with the drive – but other times she finds it perverse. He’d love for this to all go away and for them to have a small, innocent relationship.

Challenge… not getting personally involved with Dorothy and Frank. All Jeffrey wanted to do was find out whose ear he’d found, and now he’s got Frank and his goons coming after him. He’s scared of Frank, but he’s not backing down. At this point, he just wants his life back. Who knows what Frank is capable of? But something in him compels him to save Dorothy, to get to the bottom of that ear he found. His desire for answers is only leading to deeper and darker questions. 

Personality… naïve. Jeffrey had no idea know how twisted some people could be. He thought everyone wanted to be nice deep down. That everyone wanted a nice house and a picket fence, and eventually if they worked hard enough, they got it. Even as Jeffrey gets a glimpse at Lumbertown’s seamy underbelly, however, he’s thrilled by the mystery of it all. As he puts it: “I'm seeing something that was always hidden. I'm involved in a mystery. I'm learning. And it's all secret.”

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