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Jeff Wigand

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Overview... former head of Research and Development for Brown & Williamson Tobacco Company. Jeff was a Corporate Vice President, but he can't talk too much about it. Now he’s teaching high school Japanese and Chemistry and preparing to give a testimonial to 60 Minutes, which has been trying to cover his story. There are a lot of legal precautions and risks to be assessed first; Jeff has explosive truths to tell that his powerful former employers will go to great lengths to bury. He needs to keep his family safe from these death threats.

Personality... paranoid, protective, and remorseful. The reason he went to work with a big tobacco company in the first place was for his wife and family. Mostly, they paid a lot. He took the money and made his wife happy with it. His kids went to good schools and lived in a great house. These were the things that maintained his marriage. Now their life together is being threatened. Somebody may be following him. He can’t be sure.

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